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Alpha-lipoic acid is a compound found in human cells.

Good food sources of alpha-lipoic acid :

•             red meats

•             organ meats like liver, heart, kidney.

•             broccoli

•             spinach

•             tomatoes

•             brussels sprouts

•             potatoes

•             green peas

•             rice bran

 For people that don’t eat red meat Oshianic’s Alpha- Meta -Labs Alpha-lipoic acid

lipoic acid is available as a supplement.

Some studies suggest that Alpha -Lipoic might facilitate the body’s management of blood glucose levels and improve cholesterol levels.

Not everybody experiences the effects on blood glucose levels. This  appears to rely upon the length of  time the patient has been diagnosed with polygenic disease, whether or not  the patient was already using antidiabetic drug medication, and the purity of the alpha-lipoic acid treatment.

Alpha -Lipoic appears to reduce symptoms like burning, pain, and symptoms within the legs and arms. However, it typically three to five weeks to see results. 

Some claim that Alpha - Lipoic acids might facilitate weight loss. Studies have found that Alpha -Lipoic might improve striated muscle energy metabolism, by increasing the number calories the body can burn.

Alpha-lipoic acid is a compound with inhibitor properties. It's created in small amounts by the body however it is found in foods and as a supplement. It may help for polygenic disease, skin aging, memory, heart health, and weight loss.

Alpha-lipoic acid is a universal antioxidant, since it dissolves not only in water, but also in fat. Thanks to this property, it does an excellent job with intracellular protection. In addition, it combines perfectly with other antioxidants such as vitamin C, glutathione, vitamin E, enhancing their effects. Also, science has proven the effectiveness of lipoic acid in memory problems.

Alpha-lipoic acid has a remarkable property that will be useful to anyone who seeks to reduce body fat and reduce their weight. It participates in the process of fat burning and promotes more active cleavage of fat cells during physical exertion. In addition, getting into the body, lipoic acid enhances protein metabolism. At the same time, however, it is necessary to observe a strict diet.


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