Meta Labs Pharmaceuticals  Private Labeling


Your Brand + Meta Labs Pharmaceuticals ’s FDA-approved formulations, logo and label design, marketing and packaging.


Meta Labs Pharmaceuticals ’ Private Labels


Meta Labs Pharmaceuticals  offers an extensive base of stock formulations for private labeling. Each formulation has been time tested and approved by FDA. You can start your own brand today with a minimum order totalling $500 under your own label. Start your private labeling with minimal investment and ability to mark-up your products to 200% or even 300% your cost! 



Create YOUR OWN Brand


Creating a Private Label is an important step in establishing and maintaining your brand. Meta Labs Pharmaceuticals  will help your name, logo, design stand out and get recognizable.


Design YOUR OWN Label


Do you have your own label and don’t want to spend time and money on it? Perfect! Meta Labs Pharmaceuticals  will integrate your designing work into production line.  

What if you don’t? Don’t worry, we got you. 

Our dedicated Meta Labs Pharmaceuticals ’ team of designers and marketers will help your vision come true following the best business practices. On top of that, Meta Labs Pharmaceuticals  offers an on-site print department, making facilitating the fulfillment of your custom labels easy.


YOUR OWN Label Fulfillment


Great Job! Formulations picked, design created, labels printed! Was it even 10 business days?!  

*Ask us if you qualify for free shipping within the continental United States.


Customer service


Good service is everything. Meta Labs Pharmaceuticals  cares about every brand equally and offer a great support. Our team always has a thorough knowledge of your inventory, experience with your products, and always eager to help.