Private Labeling Process Made Easy


Choose Products and Formulations For Your Brand


At Meta Labs Pharmaceuticals  you can find a wide variety of products to choose from in the form of powders, tablets, ticnitures and capsules. Which one should you go with? Our experienced team will help you make your decision. Whichever product line you choose, we guarantee the best quality available on the market. Meta Labs Pharmaceuticals  has a 20+ years experience creating formulating and working with private labeling. You are in the right hands!

Pick your line out of the hundreds available or create your own! Along with a great stock formulations variety, Meta Labs Pharmaceuticals  offers custom formulation. Express yourself! 


Create YOUR OWN Brand


Just entering the market? Looking for a new Lab? Need a custom formulation and design?

Unique formulations. Custom Designs. Rich Colors. High Quality Labels. → YOUR BRAND

Meta Labs Pharmaceuticals  will take a 360-spin on your brand. Our dedicated team treat every client’s project like their own. We will walk you through the process, explain how certain formulation work and help you establish your brand.  Creating your own brand should not be hard on you, we will take your design from concept to a complete product. 


YOUR OWN Brand Fulfillment


Fast, accurate fulfillment.

Meta Labs Pharmaceuticals  implemented a multiple quality checkpoints to make sure you received your order correctly and on time. Choosing formulation, designing labels and packaging, sealing, marketing and shipping! Meta Labs Pharmaceuticals  is your all-in-one supplement fulfillment.